Saturday, 20 April 2013


I’m about to burst with joy!!!
After a late night last night we woke up early and decided
to go to a car boot sale.
As you might know I'm a bangleoholic and I always have
a field day at car boot sales because there’s always a lot
of pretty ones out there.
So I stopped by a table where a lady had a bunch of them
and I liked the colors and shapes, one of them was heavily
carved so I got them and I paid 50 pence each (= 75 US
cents each or 5 kronor each) and went on my merry way.
It wasn’t until I got home and started washing them I scent
a familiar odor, Bakelite!
So I take out the tube of Simichrome (to be extra sure) and
they all test positive!
I really had no idea and to be honest because I didn’t even
look if they could be Bakelite before I bought them.


Mariela said...

Oh wow! Those are all so gorgeous! Love the black carved bangle the most. I bet this made your day even better.

Miss Rascal said...

It did indeed since I first thought it was Lucite. :))
I wish I bought the other bangles she had. 3 is better than none. :)

wardrobeexperience said...

lucky girl. they look great.
what is simichrome? how does bakelite smell? i always did a cold/warm-proof.

Miss Rascal said...

Simichrome is a paste made by a German company (so I'm sure you can find it easily) you polish metal with it but you can also test Bakelite with it. Google about the Simichrome test, there's plenty of info out there.

Bakelite smells like formaldehyde, very unpleasant scent but very positive when you realize you just snagged a bargain. :))

I do the hot water test first because Simichrome test doesn't always work but to be extra sure I use it and always carry a tube in my purse. :)