Sunday, 28 April 2013


This weekend wasn't good when it comes to bargains.
Yesterday it was freezing cold and it started to rain like
crazy, a total waste of time, so we went into town for
some scouting in the charity shops, also a waste of time.
Today was better but not my lucky day.

Here's most of the things I snagged this weekend.

Vintage straw bag, £2.99.
I found this darling in a local charity shop.
It had a pin missing on one of the hinges so I got it for less, 
that took me like one minute to fix with a paper clip when I 
got home. 

Old deadstock belt buckles, 50 pence for the lot.
I don't even know why I got 5 of them. LOL!

1950's cutlery with Bakelite handles, £1 for the lot.
Like we need more of these! Got them anyway.
I got my grandparents cutlery that looks just like these and
we always buy this kind when we're in Sweden if they are
cheap, which they rarely are nowadays.

Vintage grumpy deer, 20 pence.
For the collection. Isn't he amazingly cute?! :D

Mini sombrero, 50 pence.
For the Mexican corner in my hobby room.

Vintage plastic fruit, £1 for the lot.
I love plastic fruit. This is for a project.

Large 1950's suitcase, £3.
Perfect and beautiful storage.

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Mariela said...

It's too bad that the weather didn't hold up and it dampened your good luck. I do love the straw purse, mini sombrero, and vintage fruit. But that suitcase is just too handsome for words.