Thursday, 2 May 2013


Here I go again with my latest creations.
I would looove some feedback on these, please, if you have a
minute to spare.

If you happen to be at Judy’s at Spitalfields on Saturday some
of my creations will be for sale at Greyhound Vintage's stall.

Burlesque style earrings.
Made out of vintage soft plastic bits.

Another pair of the same...

Plumeria necklace and earring set.
I actually took this bracelet apart to use the flowers for
this. Much more useful for me since I prefer bangles.

Blue, mixed new acrylic and vintage soft plastic.

More vintage soft plastic.

And another one.

Airplane set.


NanC said...

Very creative, love the colors...

Mariela said...

Wow! You did a great job. I love the burlesque style earrings. I have a pair of vintage plastic feather earrings similar to those. Another type of earrings would be to just have the feathers with a rhinestone in the tips of the feathers. Hopefully this makes sense.