Saturday, 4 May 2013


Not so long ago I revamped this bag that I already revamped
two years before.
Style, taste and needs change, this one into something better
if I might say so.

Got these plain plastic starfish from eBay.

Here's after I covered them in copper colored glitter.

Added some red netting and used some seashells that I
found on the beach in Calafell, Spain.
They already have holes in them (for some reason) so it
was easy to stitch them onto the bag.

I might add a few more seashells on the side of this bag...
What do you think?

The bag looks better in real life, the glitter doesn't show
that well in these pictures.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend!


art deco dame said...

Very cute!

Mariela said...

That is so cute! I love seashell purses. I only have one in my collection right now.