Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Woke up early because the house were filled with sunshine,
perfect day for a car boot sale or two. And two we did.

We were supposed to go to the gym in the evening but we
assembled the BBQ and had a cookout and some ice cold
pear ciders instead. :))
(We'll go this morning tho.)

1980's shirt, £1. (= approx $1.55)
The bead embroidery, do I need to say more?

Kids jacket, £1. (= approx $1.55)
Love the pattern on this. So dapper.

1940's picnic basket, 50 pence. (= approx $0.75)
I had one of these when I was a kid but it got thrown away
when people cleared our house after my mom passed.

1950's novelty bottle opener in teak, 25 pence.
(= approx $0.38)
How could I resist this fella?! 
You take his head off and there you have the bottle opener.

Amazing capri pants, 35 pence. (= approx $0.55)
I rarely take photos of the clothes I find because they are 
often wrinkly and such, in this case I make an exception 
because these capris makes my bum look good and the 
color is amazing!

Feather thingy, 20 pence. (= approx $0.30)
I'm gonna attach a hair clip to this and use it in one of my OTT 
hair styles for a special occasion.

Shell bracelet, 50 pence. (= approx $0.75)
Carved bangle, 50 pence. (= approx $0.75)
Vintage Spanish brooch, 75 pence. (= approx $1.15)
2 yellow bangles, 25 pence. (= approx $0.38)
I really love the juicy colors of the yellow bangles and the brooch
will be the perfect thing with most of my Latin styled outfits.

LP with a cool cover, free.
If it has got a fruit hat I love it!

Vintage pineapple dessert bowls, 2 large & 6 small, £2.
(= approx $3.10)


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Loving those pineapple bowls! Wow! :)

Mariela said...

Wow you always seem to find great items! Love the pineapples. My mom had an old bottle opener from Mexico that is over 25 years old. He's shaped like a cute devil. Except we kids tore his ears and tail off.