Sunday, 5 May 2013


Great day at the car boot sale today! (Y-day was okay.)
The first thing I see when I entered the area is a stunning
white English Bull Terrier, of course I asked for a cuddle. 
(I miss my old EBT SO much!!!)
I think this bullie was some kind of lucky charm because
I did very well finding cool stuff.
What you see is just a fraction of what I managed to drag
home this weekend!


For the future rascal. Cost between 20 - 50 pence each
(= approx 30 - 75 US cents)

1960's plastic wicker basket, 50 pence.
(= approx 75 US cents)

1950's case, £2.
(= approx $3.10)

Pink faux fur collar, 20 pence.
(= approx 30 US cents)

Tons of 1950's and 1960's knitting patterns, £2 for the lot.
(= approx $3.10)


Bangles, £1 for the lot.
(= approx $1.55)

1960's plastic wicker basket, 20 pence.
(= approx 30 US cents)

1950's vanity case, 80 pence.
(= approx $1.25)

1950's necklace, £1.
(= approx $1.55)

Chinese takeout style purse, £2.50
(= approx $3.90)

1960's String style shelf, 50 pence.
(= approx 75 US cents)

1960's soft plastic tulip lights, 50 pence.
(= approx 75 US cents)

1940's case, £5.50.
(= approx $8.55)

I'm not sure if we're going to one tomorrow, it's bank holiday
here in the UK so it's car boot sales galore. :)
We'll see what the weather's doing.


Mariela said...

Wow! You sure did score. I love those vintage wicker baskets. And that blue necklace is gorgeous too.

I would love to start a baby clothes pile but my hubby doesn't like the idea of buying used clothes or shoes for myself or a future baby.

Vintage Coconut said...

You did well!
I have to giggle about the baby clothes because I am crazy for snatching up cute ones I see. *Which has led to having about 3 or four rubbermaid bins full* So now the Mr. has said that if I am going to buy it it has to be REALLY CUTE... Like just can't pass it up cute. *I am trying my best.*
That vanity case is lovely I am always oogling them on Etsy.
I can't believe how cheap you got all this stuff for. You must be thrilled!