Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hi there!
I've been away for a while.
Went to Screamin' Festival in Spain.
I had a good time until I got food poisoning during the
festival Saturday's evening event where I passed out
because of horrible stomach pains and puked all over
myself, ended up in an ambulance.
I felt so ashamed because people saw me do this and
might have thought I was a classless drunk twat.
(I didn't drink any alcohol at all that day.)
I missed all the bands I wanted to see that night and I
missed the last day of the festival. :(

Discovered that Rock n' Roll Holidays that we used
to go to back in the days was back after two years so
we had another half week of party.
We had a great time at the pool parties on the roof and
I rediscovered a song by Billy Fury that my dad used to
play when I was a kid that I loved.

Here's a few selfies and finds.

Had a pretty decent hair day on the festival Thursday.

Me and my man at the evening event on the festival Thursday.

Managed to get me a nice tan after the festival was over.

Me and my man at the pool party.

Found these beauties in our hidden gem in Calella. 
It’s a little charity shop (goodwill) where we managed to 
find some neat stuff over the years. 
Got the peach 1960’s peignoir for €2 (= $2.65/£1.70) and 
the black 1950’s dress for €5 (= $6.70/£4.25). 

This carved Bakelite bangle arrived from Ireland while I was in Spain. 
(Won this on eBay for £11.50 = approx $18.) 

And these two marbled Bakelite bangles arrived from the Czech Republic. 
My postman was SO NICE to hold them for me since they were too large 
to deliver so they wouldn't be sent back.
(Won them on eBay, the green bangle was £12.70 = approx $20 and the 
creamed corn bangle was £9.55 = approx $15.)


Julia said...

I'm sorry you got food poisoning, hopefully you feel better! Your hair looks so flawless and I am so jealous of your freckles! They're so cute!

Mim said...

I'm sorry to hear you got food poisoning, it can be really dreadful. (I got it once in Spain from an icecream, of all things!) I hope you're recovering now.

That festival looks ace. Having taken my husband to the Vintage Nostalgia Show recently, he went out and bought a load of Rockabilly CDs, so now I hope he'll want to go to more events. Spain must've been awesome!