Thursday, 20 June 2013


My man and I had our 6 1/2 year anniversary yesterday.
I got a stunning bouquet of colorful flowers and I made
him a Carmen Miranda-esque decoration for his red hat.
He's gonna wear the hat tonight and I'm gonna let you in
on some cool news and why he's gonna wear it.

Before we left for Spain me and my man was invited to
Sue Kreitzman’s little art exhibition that takes place in
East London tonight. My man is gonna have a one man
jam on his double bass and I'm just gonna look cute.
Like that wasn't cool and awesome enough, yesterday my
man got a message from Sue inviting us to her home after
the event!!!
I’ve only seen pictures and clips of her amazing home on 
YouTube and now I’m gonna see it all with my own eyes!
I love everything that she does, she's my idol and I’m SO
honored to be invited.
I can't wait! I'm charging my camera battery and emtying
the memory card as we speak!

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