Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hi there!
I just want to warn you that there's quite a few pictures
in this post...
This weekend was a real treat, three car boot sales, two
BBQ's and a lot of sunshine! = happy Rascal

Here's some of my loot:

Bangles, 80 pence for the lot.
(Approx $1.20)
Bangleoholic strikes again! I have a thing for purple at the moment.

Sailor style cardigan, £1.50.
(Approx $2.30)
There's a button missing but I'm gonna change them all anyway to 
something more fun.

1950's sparkly clutch/large coin purse, 50 pence.
1950's glasses case, 50 pence.
1950's German grooming kit, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75 each)
I'm very happy about these finds, so essential in my everyday life!

Check out the grooming kit! Love the two tones tools.

Huge 1960's suitcase, £3.
(Approx $4.55)
Yep, another one. Great and cool storage.

1950's/1960's gloves, 30 pence each pair.
(Approx $0.45 each pair)
I don't really use gloves that often but these were in good condition 
and I just couldn't refuse these pink beauties.

1950's shoe rack, 20 pence.
(Approx $0.30)
SCORE!!! I love this!

1950's radio, £3.50.
(Approx $5.30)
This is sooo cute!

Look!!! :D

1960's hanger with tiki mask, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75)
Totally kitsch, couldn't resist.

1950's table cloth, 50 pence.
(Approx $0.75)
This pattern makes me feel all giddy.

WAAF poster, £1.50.
(Approx $2.30)
I have plans to frame this at some point.
I want to fill the walls in our staircase with cool framed posters 
like this.

1950's vanity case, £1.
(Approx, $1.50)
There's always room for one more vanity case! LOL!



Vintage Coconut said...

Everyone seems to be finding these vanity cases. (I have yet to ever see one) *lol* Maybe they were not as popular in Canada?!?! Hrrrmm...
Regardless yours are totally awesome as is all your other loot. Looks like you had a fun shopping trip.

La Dama said...

Amor what pretty finds!
I found a similar looking case like that awhile back ,but the zipper was broke. also love the glasses case and manicure set and that cool ass 50's radio and gloves.

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