Sunday, 29 September 2013


September has been a very creative month for me
and I've enjoyed every second of it.

Here's a few things I made the other day...

OK, so do I sound like a complete douche if I say
I looove this little hat?
The glittery lilies I got over 10 years ago and used
them as a brooch once at a rockabilly ball but ever
since the day after they pretty much collected dust.
The feather thing was a gift from a friend eight years
ago, (I remember because I still lived in Stockholm.)
it's old and just been laying around in one of my craft
boxes waiting for a purpose!

I used three different shades of green in this hat and
I think it works great!

The black pom poms in the veiling was a must. :)

Hair flower in juicy colors.
I found the flowers at a flea market in Sweden this

I know you already seen the acorn fascinator but I just
wanted to show it with the matching brooch I made.

Wedding fascinator.
The flowers are nice old millinery flowers I found at a
flea market years ago.


NanC said...

Very lovely, you're such a talented gal!

NanC said...

Very lovely, you're such a talented gal!