Saturday, 7 September 2013


Today's car boot sale was a bit thin of cool stuff I must say. 
I managed snag three pairs of vintage earrings  that I just love for a
total of £1 and eight baby/kids garments for £2.40 (that included 2
knitted sweaters from the 1950's) so I didn’t leave empty handed.

I don't know if tomorrow will happen, it all depends on the weater
during the night.
I have no idea why we're still going to car boot sales when we got
our house, the loft and the cabin full to the brim! LOL!

Grape cluster earrings! My heart skips a beat for anything fruity!

Lurex earrings! Need I say more?!

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La Dama said...

Beautiful earrings.. especially love the shiny lurex pink ones. I only found a few things at the boot sale on Saturday too.