Sunday, 1 September 2013


My man set the alarm on car boot sale this morning.
It was cold and I really didn't fancy getting out of bed but the
thought of chocolate cheesecake with my morning coffee and
possible bargains made it easier.

It turned out to be sunny and warm after a while, which was
really nice, unfortunately a lot of people left their brains and
manners at home.

Here's my favorite finds of the day:

1950's handbags, £3 each. (approx $4.60 each)
I tend to become a hardcore cheapskate at car boot sales but thinking 
about it for a second, charity shops nowadays charge around £15 for 
1950's handbags in not very good condition so I didn't want to leave 
these beauties behind!

1950's heels, £1.50. (approx $2.30)
Leopard wedges, £1. (approx $1.55)
The heels are amazing! The wedges needs a bit of brushing up but I 
wasn't looking to buy perfect or expensive.

1980's red leather shoe clips, 50 pence (approx $0.77)
1960's necklace, 10 pence (approx $0.15)
1950's belt, 50 pence (approx $0.77)
Super happy about the shoe clips, I got vintage gloves in the same 
shade and that will look amazing together, I decided to be a bit more 
glam this autumn and winter.

Bangle, 75 pence. (approx $1.15)
So pretty, will look perfect with an exotic dress.

1950's ring holder, £2. (approx $3)
Isn't he adorable?! I really needed another ring display/holder 
and this one is beyond perfect because I have pink and green 
stuff on my teak vanity.

1960's robe, £1. (approx $1.55)
I've planed for many years now to get rid of my ugly modern robe 
but haven't found one, this one might do, I'm gonna give it a try. 
If it get static or doesn't breathe it won't do.


La Dama said...

Those handbags are so pretty. I seen a few vintage handbags for £8 ,but I thought they were a bit expensive for a boot sale. belt earrings oh those 1950's heels are gorgeous.That kitty ring holder is adorable. beautiful red robe. Your gonna look sexy with your black hair.


Mim said...

Nice finds! Those shoe clips are particularly nice, and they're so hard to find nowadays.