Sunday, 8 September 2013


I think the time for finding cool stuff at car boot sales is over
for this season. It seems like people are trying to flog their left-
over junk. This is ALL the stuff I got today.

Bangle, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
I need more bangles like I need a hole in the head but still I couldn't
resist this one.

Carved ring, 50 pence. (approx. $0.80)
Not Bakelite but will go with my black carved Bakelite bangles.

Vintage box, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
I believe these were for electric shavers back in the days but I use 
these as jewelry boxes.

1950's cocktail forks, 50 pence. (approx. $0.80)
I think we have gone a bit mad on cocktail forks this summer, we 
picked up one set in Sweden, one in Holland and this one today.
We already had a few sets since before these as well. 
I think it's time to get into cheese cubes and pickles.

Mini sombrero, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
Another one to my modest collection.

Craft bits, 20 pence each. (approx. $0.30 each)
This is funny, I had all these bits on my favorite list on Etsy but they 
are all in America and the cost of them and the shipping together are 
extortionate. I was very happy over this bargain!
Vintage flocked deers, 20 pence. (approx. $0.30)
How could I not? ;)


Vintage Coconut said...

Fab finds! I have that exact carved ring. Purchased it brand new on clearance from [The Bay]last year. It is one of my fave rings I own. :)

Vintage Coconut said...

*hehehe* I just realized I even featured that ring in a post. (March 16 2012)

La Dama said...

More great shit!
Yes,that is what I love about the boot sales.The people are dying to sale their junk off.cute bangle never seen one quite like that. carved ring does look like Bakelite ring. those cocktail forks are fantastic.The craft doll heads are the best. you know you cant pass deers and not buy them.