Saturday, 31 May 2008


The day has been very nice so far.
I made American pancakes served with bananas,
strawberries and Maple syrup for breakfast.


My darling joined me on my walk after breakfast.
We ended up at my favorite home furnishing -
store who had a sale on.
I got a very pretty bed set, white with pink cherry
blossoms for only £9 and two lamp shades with
a Tiki-feel for £2.50 each.
I'm thinking about going back tomorrow to get
a new kitchen bin that matches the toaster and
the kettle.

On our way back we saw a gorgeous white
English Bull Terrier puppy, 11 weeks old.
I threw my bags and sat down on the ground to
get a proper cuddle.
I feel a bit blue right now because I miss my old
Bull Terrier who had to stay in Sweden. :(

When we got back I had got mail, these patterns.
I love the fact that we get mail on Saturdays...


emma said...

aw puppies are so cute, beautiful patterns

Little Rascal said...

Yeah, she was the cutest little thing I've seen in a long time. :)

Thank you, I hope I'm gonna use them very soon.
I got itchy fingers. :))

Nadine said...

Oh I adore those patterns :).

ismoyo said...

Great patterns. Sounds like you had a good day!
I just stumbles upon your blog, like it very much, will be here more often!

annabananna said...

that looks like the perfect breakfast! sorry to hear you had to leave your dog behind, i hope it's doing fine with the new owner and you'll get another one soon. lastly: lovely patterns!

Cammila said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! I had such a similar, nice saturday! I had waffles with strawberries and went to my favorite antique store for further nesting furnishings! You should post some pictures of your cool home goods some time. The bed set sounds really lovely.

Dotti said...

Ooooooh poor you. That must have been a true tragedy... Wid did you go away?

Those pancakes look superduperdelicious by the way.

Betty Lou said...

åh ser supergott ut, och fräscht med jordgubbarna! jag brukar göra såna fast med blåbär i, arla har ett bra recept.

jag är en snokare och har följt din skunk-dagbok och livejournal. du gör så mycket fint och för att inte tala om dina loppisfynd, grön av avund.