Friday, 30 May 2008


My darling just gave me a present - a Hula Hoop!
I used to be pretty good at keep that thing spinning
when I was a kid, especially around my neck.
It sure is a fun and perfect way to keep fit.

Another way to keep fit is to dance.
When I moved over to England I actually learned
how to Jive, it's so much fun!
I can't hardly wait until my darling can use both
his arms again (his left arm is in cast at the mo)
and take me for a spin on the dance-floor.


Dotti said...

Oh that is so cool: Do you really dance together? I wish I could persuade my bf too.

Little Rascal said...

Yeah, he's the best dancer there is.
He was the one who thought me. :D

Lady Thirty said...

Vad skoj att du hittade in på min blogg så att jag kunde hitta in till dig!!! Vad kul!
Idag fick jag faktist en hel bunt med vykort med 1950-tals motiv från min bästa vän :)så nu kan jag vraka och välja hihi

take care

Little Rascal said...

I love your blog, it's very cute.
Sorry for writing in English but I do not have any Swedish letters on this keyboard. Hope you don't mind too much.