Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I'm fed up with being compared to Amy Winehouse
because of my apperance.
Earlier this year when me and my darling was strolling
on a beach in Mexico, a man drops his book and I pick it
up, because I'm a very polite girl, then I hear his wife say:
"Thank you, Amy Winehouse." *sigh*

I've been hearing it since then...

Yes, I do wear my jet black hair in a beehive from time
to time (but on me it doesn't look like a bird nest) and
have done so for many years, I also got tons of tattoos,
I got my first tattoo when Amy were still in middle school.
I do like some of Amy's songs but I loathe her life-style
and her lack of class.
End of story.

Big hair isn't a new thing, you know.

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