Monday, 8 September 2008


I don't have anything to wear!
There, I said it.
I'm packing and I hate it, really, really hate it.
I have tons of beautiful vintage dresses but they are too
big or way too formal to bring to Spain. *sigh*
I got tons of bikinis and I have a bunch of really nice shorts
and tops to wear around the pool and on the beach but only
3 "exotic" dresses for the evenings, I need 2 more.
I want but can't really bring one of my favorite dresses that
Bernie Dexter gave me as a present way back when, I wore it
on Hemsby last year and I'm afraid that it would get Sangria
stains on it.
No, I'm not that type of girl who wears the same dress twice
on one weekender.
I wish I knew how to do magic...

Can I wear a black tight Galaxy dress if I put red flowers in
my hair to make it look more "flamenco"?


Miriam Parkman said...

I'm not either a same-dress-twice-on-a-weekend-girl... I want to be able to smash with different styels each night!;)
I definately think that you can wear a black dress and red hairflowers, that's a classic feminine.

fröken lila said...

black dress? absolutely. in spain, with red flowers in your hair? even better!

but i have to say, you really are an early packer. i am going to oslo on thursday and haven't even started to think about what to take for those two weeks i'm staying there!

Miss Wink said...

Of course you can, silly!
You could put a garbage bag on and still be the prettiest thing on the show.

Betty Lou said...

oh, vill höra mer om Bernie-mötet