Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I'm a busy bee, I'm working on 101 hair-flowers as we speak.
Had like 5 hair-flowers left after High Rockabilly so I just
had to make more.
Bought a ton of beautiful flowers in Spain and couldn't wait
to get home and start gluing again.

I feel like I'm way behind when it comes to update this blog.
I'm gonna stop saying that I will do this and that because in
the end I really need to be in the right mood to do it.

Went to a couple of car boot sales on the weekend just gone
but didn't have the energy to post pictures at the time.
Here are my latest (vintage) finds...

Snake-skin handbag, £3.50. (Present from my man.)

Knitted handbag, 40 pence.

Honey jar, 20 pence.

Plate, 50 pence.

Earrings, 25 pence.

Basket, 20 pence.

Check out all the cool combinations for this basket!
I used to have my grandmas old basket but sadly it got lost
during the move to England, guess who was happy to get it
for only 20 pence and with instructions too.


Betty Lou said...

har samma problem, glömmer för det mesta bort om jag lovat nåt.

oh! alltid lika fina fynd. jag har också den där korgen, köpt på tradera för längesen. vet du vad den kan heta på svenska? min ligger i en kökslåda, full med finsk godis och kakformer. gillar inte riktigt den guldaktiga färgen men den är väldigt fiffig.

CatsPuke said...

Ooo I do love that plate, and the little basket.

I must go to car boot sales more often :)

Onion said...

Hello! Thanks for leaving me messages on my blog. You look like you deserve a bull terrier -- I'm sure any bully would be glad to have a stylish mistress like you! Have you filled out the form for Bullies in Need? On their blog it says they have a new system and you have to fill out the form to go on the waiting list. I don't know any other bullie rescue places, but I think bull terriers do end up at Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs' Home etc, so you could try them. Lots of luck!
Big lick,
PS My mistress thinks your flowers and new red handbag are fab!

Miss Wink said...

Oh heavens, how do you do it?
I wish I could find such wonderful things at those prices..

Anonymous said...

wow cool basket!

Caro said...

yey! skriv i bloggen så fort du lagt upp blommor på tradera så kommer jag köpa en hel mängd :D

Kitten said...

Oh, the red handbag is SOO gorgeous, great find!