Friday, 5 September 2008


I got my hearing aid today!
It's feels very strange to hear stuff I couldn't hear before.
I don't like it but I guess it will take some time to get used
to it.

I'm in the process of dolling up for the night.
We're going out to The Trailer Pussy Show to see our
friends The Mojokings and The Caravans play.
I'm thinking about wearing something really punky/slutty
but with class, of course.
What about 7 inch heels and a very tight pencil skirt?

I have plans to don't give a damn tonight and get rowdy
for once and maybe even have a drink or two.

And I have had this song stuck on my brain the entire day.
(Don't ask...)


Mrs Munster said...

Outfit choice sound excellent. Happy hearing! Your song for today was much better than mine. For some reason I've had "Cheeky girls" in my head. Annoying as I cannot stand them (well who does)

Miriam Parkman said...

I think it sounds just confidence! High heels and tight pencilskirts, isn't that just the greatest "Here I am"-feeling?
You should listen to yourself and just don't give a damn;)

ismoyo said...

Ooh... a wild night! Have fun and go do you!
And you will be hearing every beat the bands play! Enjoy yourself and party!

Betty Lou said...

jag tror att vad du än har på dig så kommer du vara vackrast där ;D