Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I'm in a funk at the moment.
I don't feel like my happy and creative self at all.
I tried to make more hair-flowers today but I just
couldn't stand the fiddle.
Very frustrating since I want to finish some custom
orders before we go to Spain next week.

Even the car boot sales that we went to on Saturday
felt like a huge task and I had a mild panic attack at
a gig on Sunday.

Now let me change the subject just a little...
I'm gonna tell you about one lucky coincidence that
occurred last week.
I had just made a bunch of big yellow hair-flowers
to sell in Spain and on Tradera.
As I was searching for pictures of the Andrew Sisters
for another project I stumbled on a picture where they
are wearing almost the exact same flowers as the ones I
made! Talk about perfect reference for my auctions.

I also have a recommendation.
I just love Duffy and her lovely voice. (Up yours Amy!)
My personal favorite song is "Mercy" but her style is so
darn immaculate in her new video "Stepping Stone".
Watch and enjoy.


Mrs Munster said...

Duffy's Mercy, my guilty pleasure. She's got an amazing voice. I also love Sharleen Spiteri's : All The times I cried. Really funky 60's feel to it.

Miss Wink said...

Sugar, if you're thinking about the order I placed - please, don't worry about it. It's no rush.

I was acctually listening to the Andrew Sisters today!


Vintage Darling said...

i also have panic attacks from time to time, i think it reminds me to take care of myself and not to rush to much. hugs and kisses for you!

fash said...

i hope you feel better soon!