Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I'm trying to catch up on things and I remembered that
I got tagged a while back by the lovely Rosina Lee.
'7 things you may not know about me'.

* When I was younger I breed show dogs.
(Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.)

* I really wanna go to New York and eat kosher hot dogs
while watching the freak show at Coney Island.

* I have a fear of spiders, telephones, clowns and snakes.

* I wish I never got tattooed.

* I'm a bit of a coffee snob, I like mine strong and organic.
I rather go grumpy than drink instant crap.

* I haven't eaten fish since 1988.

* My favorite perfume is Thierry Muglers Alien.

I also got a challenge from the wonderful Bows and Dots.
This challenge doesn't deal with facts, but characteristics.
Tell details about you and share them with others.

I'm a so called "Nugget" (short person) and I used to hate
being short and I also got bullied for it in school.
All my life I've dreamed about long legs but I've accepted
that I am what I am. After all, there's always high heels...

I got a whole bunch of them and I love them, they make
me look like a real rascal.

Long black hair
People think that my long black shiny hair is a wig because
it looks so flawless and I really hate it when some ass-wipes
don't take my word for it and have to pull it.

I'm always wearing something red.

And as usual I tag anyone who's up for this because
I don't know who reads my blog and I don't want to
pest people.


Salla said...

I always wear something red too... :) I didn't believed my eyes when you wrote that you wish that you never got tattooed! New information to me! :)

A red lipstick said...

I would love to meet up with you!
You can e-mail me at henri_ette@msn.com and then we can decide where and when and stuff.

Araminta May said...

Varför ångrar du dina tatueringar?

Lady Thirty said...

intressanta små faktan :) även jag undrar varför du ångrar dina tatueringar?


Zizzi said...

As everyone else, I wonder why you wish you never got tattooed. Is it because you don't want to be tattooed anymore, or that it's hard to stop getting tattooed once you've done it?