Sunday, 10 May 2009


Long day... But good!
Went to 3 car boot sales today, did tons of cool finds,
I'll post pictures tomorrow, must load the battery first.
I tell you this much, I bought the coolest baby clothes,
Carmen Miranda style!!!

In the late afternoon we took mother in law out for a
relaxed dinner and a coffee in Golders Green.
I sure got the best mother in law ever!
She said she wanted to give me something useful and
gave me money to buy an overlock sewing machine!
Now how nice is that!
It feels so good to be so loved by both my man and his
mother, they really want the best for me.


CherryGirl said...

Lucky you, i can say the same of my mother in law. I think she is the best ever. We are so lucky girl.

Hexotica said...

Overlockers save so much time! I love mine. I want to see what you'll sew with that fabulous fabric you bought recently!

Zizzi said...

Very nice! To be loved is always nice! I love my mother in law too.

Little Rascal said...

CherryGirl: We must be the few that mother in laws likes. :))

Hexotica: The fabric you loved was actually a childs dress that I turned into a skirt for myself, check back on April 30.

Zizzi: My mother in law has never liked any of my mans previous girls or even his ex-wife, so I'm glad she does like me.
I don't think the relationship would work if she didn't.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I was really good friends with my "mother in law to be" and we're still ok friends now even though me and J broke our engagement a year ago. It truly is important that one has good relations with The Mom.

Hmm, what's up with the baby clothes? Planning for the future, or? :)