Saturday, 23 May 2009


Here I go again!
Wasn't really up for going to any car boot sales today
but went anyway, just in case...
Got way more stuff than this but as you know by now
I only post my favorite finds of the day.

I forgot to post a picture of these absolutely fabulous
1950's sunglasses that I got at the Hemsby car boot sale
last weekend for only £1, because one of the screws was
I went to the optician today to get them fixed, and guess
what, I've got them fixed and cleaned for free!

Vintage sunglasses, £1. (12 Kr, $1,60, €1)

Vintage mules, £1. (12 Kr, $1,60, €1)

Bag, 50 pence. (6 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)

Vintage plate, 20 pence. (2,50 Kr, $0,35, €0,20)

Vintage knitting book, 50 pence. (6 Kr, $0,80, €0,50)

Two of my favorite items in the knitting book.


rebecka maria louise said...

Love the glasses!

Little Rascal said...

Thanks dear.

Zizzi said...

Great that you got the glasses fixed for free! I really love the plate and the bag! Great finds as always!

Little Rascal said...

Thank you darling. :)

Lo said...

wow vilken stickbok!

Salla said...

I love those sunglasses!! :)

Linnea said...

Du hittar ju alltid så mycket fint...glasögonen är ju jättehäftiga och sandalerna med...!

punk in writing said...

You always find the good stuff. :)

Clare said...

That's so funny. I have that knitting book! I found it in this weird little shop the other day. Some of the photographs make me laugh so much.
I'm also in London, can you recommend some good bargain finding places? I went to Deptford Market this weekend, but would love some new thifty sources.

disa said...