Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I really would like to recommend this summer fragrance.
Diesel Fuel for Life Summer Edition combines Bergamot,
Neroli and Jasmine to create a light, refreshing fragrance that
reflects a flowery summer cocktail.


fröken lila said...

i have to go and sniff this.. i'm not really a fan of the original fuel for life (apart from the bottle which is beautifully done), but bergamotte and jasmin sound quite delightful..

Little Rascal said...

I don't like the original either but this one is awesome.

NormaJeane said...

Remember those lovely shoes in my blog: Iron fist welcome aboard wedge?
I found them in your size!

Mrs Munster said...

I've got the original one and I love it. I have to try this one though. Looking for a nice fragrance for the summer months (to attract the bees!)