Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Thank you for your kind words yesterday.
My man is alive and well, a bit sore (of course)
and frustrated that he's not allowed to use the
gym for six weeks but apart from that he's fine.

Four days ago I found this vintage matching
Hawaiian set on eBay.
I was too tired to stay up until 2 AM so I put in
a bid and hoped for the best, I was happy to find
out that I won it this morning.
£28 including shipping, not bad at all!
(324 kr/$46/€31)
Since I couldn't find anything for my mother in
law to buy me for my birthday I'm gonna ask her
for to pay for this set, it saves her a lot of money
and her baby boy gets a shirt.

Click on the image for larger version!

It's a genuine Hawaiian set from the 1960's.
The dress looks a bit too long for my taste
so I might alter it slightly.


Zizzi said...

Vilket fint set! Och kläder till två personer för det priset är ju inte helt fel :-)
Fin ny header du har!

Fleur de Guerre said...


Jema Rose said...

Vad skönt att operationen gick så bra!

: )

VÄLDIGT fina kläder!!!

KRAM, Jenny


Little Rascal said...

Zizzi: Tack! :D
Vi planerar att ha dessa outfits pa oss i Spanien i sommar, hoppas de kommer fram bara.

Fleur: Thanks sweetie. :)

Jema Rose: Tack stumpan! :)

Mrs Munster said...

What a fantastic matching outfits you two are going have! Speedy recovery to your man.

BaronessVonVintage said...

just gorgeous!

~*MissTiki*~ said...

I love them! Wow,you are so lucky finding(& winning) things like this! X

Ms. B said...

So cute! Isn't it great when you don't have to fight tooth and nail to win an Ebay auction? Like the old days haha!

Darrin.. said...

Whoah! Those are awesome!! We need pics of you guys wearing them!!!

daisymay said...

Nice find and Nice price!! Good buy! Glad he is ok

Andi B. Goode said...

That's a fantastic set! The dress does look a little long and, coming from me (who ADORES mid-calf dresses) that's saying something.
-Andi x

Little Rascal said...

Mrs Munster: Thank you darling.
My man actually likes to match my outfits so this is spot on. :))

BaronessVonVintage: Thank you very much. :)

Miss Tiki: Thanks hun. :)

Ms.B: Thanks dear. :)
I know! Back in 2003 I won everything I was bidding on, without much of a fight.
Vintage lingerie for example went for a couple of dollars, now they go for a fortune.

Dad: Thank you. :)
You might have to wait a while for a picture though.

Daisymay: Than you! :)
The seller gave us $10 discount on the original shippingcost because she thought the set went for more than she'd expected! :D

Andi B. Goode: Thanks daring. :)
I'm still gonna keep it pretty long, I don't like my knees.