Monday, 6 September 2010


I'm still ill.
It feels like I been eating gravel and razorblades,
the pain is so bad I can't sleep at night.
I'm going to see my GP this afternoon.

Yesterday, despite the pain, me and my man went
to Regent's Park to listen to some Klezmer.
Personally I think it was a huge letdown.
I like traditional Klezmer, like Kroke, but it wasn't
even near as good.
It also said in the programme that there would be
kosher food for sale and all they could come up with
was dry bagels.
If you want Jewish culture you have to come up with
something better than bagels.
My culture has got loads of wonderful food from all
over the world (I'm a huge fan of Eastern European
food) that's not even expensive to make but all they
could come up with was bagels.
Not even a kosher hot dog in sight...
Hope "Klezmer in the Park" make more of an effort
next time.

I was bored out of my mind this morning so I went to
the post office to send some belated birthday presents
and some items from my Etsy shop.
On my way home I had a quick scout in one of the local
charity shops and Primark.
I treated myself to a cute dress and a ring.
Total spend: £3.

Dress, £1. Charity shop.

Ring, £2. Primark.


Jema♥Kitsch said...

Hoppas att du mår bättre snart vännen..!

Söt klänning och ringen var verkligen fin!


Kitten said...

Dress looks nice, hope you're feeling better by now, take care!

Polly said...

Pretty ring! Hope you feel better soon.

Poppy Lane said...

Oh I LOVE that ring! and the dress is very cute too. Hope you feel better soon too. I am taking a day off from everything today as well... I'm going to make soup and then spend the rest of the day watching old movies and trashy television! x