Wednesday, 29 September 2010


OK, let's start with the finds, or should I say some
of the finds, since I always manage to get so many
lovely gems every time I'm home in ABBA Land.
You might be surprised that there's a lot of 1970's
stuff among my vintage finds and I don't know how
it happened, I'm not converting from 50's to 70's
but I'm getting more interested in that decade since
I was born back then.
Or it might just be a pre-midlife crisis or maybe it's
because I go a bit 90's Indie every time the leafs on
the trees turn yellow.
(In my hometown Indie kids (me included) used to
mix modern clothes with our parents 70's gear.)
Did I tell you that I got bullied in school for wearing
old and second hand clothes?
I guess I always been ahead of my time...

"Modern Embroidery" from 1972, 30 Kr.
"Pippi Longstocking" from 1962, 30 Kr.
The embroidery book was a gift from auntie.
I saw that someone was trying to flog it for 134.95 and
on Amazon!

Vintage bamboo handles, 10 Kr.
1970's poncho sewing pattern, 10 Kr.
The pattern was a gift from auntie, the other stuff
(except the handles) were gifts from my bonus mom,
my cousin and my aunties neighbour.

1960's wicker box, 15 Kr.
I never turn down a wicker box in mint condition.

Vintage fur brooch, 25 Kr.
Another one, couldn't resist, I knew the second I saw
it what to wear it with.

1960's necklaces, 35 Kr and 15 Kr.

1970's boots, £2.
These were a gift from auntie, I only needed to glue one
of the heels and give it a good go with some black
polish, they came out really good.

Vintage bag, 10 Kr.
It needs a new button in the front and some stitching
along the edges so the plastic lining on the inside won't
come off but for that price I'm not the one to refuse.

Vintage bag, 20 Kr.
Never ever used!

1970's knitwear, 10 Kr each.
These are kids sweaters but they fit me perfectly.
The white one is called a Pippi Longstocking sweater
or Iceland sweater.

1970's dress, 75 Kr.
I feel like Cher in this dress, a short fat Cher.


pronominella said...

Du, jag tänkte på en grej. Jag vill så gärna baka något till min pojkvän men problemet är att jag är vegan och han är dödsallergisk mot precis allt jag äter, nötter, bönor, soja, linser etc så vi kan aldrig äta något tillsammans. Så kom jag på en blåbärspaj som jag faktiskt skulle kunna göra. Problemet är att det är blåbärskräm i den. Vet du om det finns att få tag i här i england? Eller något liknande?

Little Rascal said...

Vilket dilemma.
Finns det inte jordgubbskram som torrvara pa samma hylla som nyponsoppan?
Eller varfor inte koka sjalv, da blir det nog annu godare.
Blabarskram har jag aldrig sett pa hyllorna har, tyvarr.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Hello! Glad you had a great trip and got some cute bargains - as always! Think Michael and I are going to go in January next year so will be on the hunt for good flea markets & thrift stores :)

Kitten said...

Haha, I also used to mix modern with my parents old 70's stuff back in the 90´s...still have some left in fact! Great finds btw :)

Bethany said...

I'm in love with those boots!

pronominella said...

.... FINNS DET NYPONSOPPA? Men herregud nu måste jag ut och handla! :)