Thursday, 9 September 2010


I'm getting worse and my GP said I just have to
wait this one out and try to rehydrate. Great.
I decided since I'm in a state anyway it can't get
any worse if I try to "detox" on Aloe Vera juice,
nettle tea and fresh fruit for a day.
I had a small bunch of fresh nettle leafs left from
yesterdays yield and I've been very curious to try
nettle tea for a while after reading up on it here
and here so I thought today is the day.

I used about 15 fresh nettle leafs and filled a mug
with hot water and let the leafs steep for about 5
minutes before I removed them.
You can sweeten the tea with some organic honey
if you have a sweet tooth.

It's not very yummy to be honest, it has a rather
grassy taste, much like the cooking water after
spinach is cooked, but with the knowledge that it's
good for you I gladly drink it.

I'm glad to have a lovely man who takes care of me.
Yesterday he got me a big bag of oranges and also
Doughnut peaches for me to try.