Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Today is my name day, or in other words, just another
excuse to eat out and scout for vintage. Ha ha!
My man think it's so exotic to have a name day that he
gladly celebrate mine.

I went into town this morning to pick up some things I
need for my trip to Sweden, I had a browse at Primark
where I treated myself to a few items that was on sale.
Mostly basic stuff for a terrible English winter, like pull
overs and such.
My favorite find was a very cute blouse with rose print
for only £3.

After I got back my man took me out for lunch, Italian.
We also went scouting for vintage.
Sods law, when you get to pick whatever you want you
don't find anything at all.

All I found was a pair of plastic bottles with small dolls
called Kologne Liddle Kiddle for 25 pence each.
They are marked Mattel 1967. Pretty cool.

On the way home we stopped by a big supermarket to
pick up a pair of basic black ballerina flats, my old ones
are rather worn out and I was in desperate need for a
new pair.
I couldn't decide what size I needed so I took two pair
so I didn't have to stress about a decision in the store.
Now to the good part, the guy in the till must have had
low blood sugar or was new on the job, after looking at
the receipt on the way home I realized that I actually
got one pair for free.
(The store chain is huge and they won't cry over £6.)

Oh yeah, I baked again, this time with coconut.
My man wanted some yummy stuff in the freezer just
in case he have friends over for coffee while I'm away.


Jema♥Rose said...

GRATTIS på namnsdagen!!!

Jättefina saker du köpt, de där flaskorna var ju bara SÅ söta..!


Anonymous said...

Gratulerer med navnedagen i går!

Poppy Lane said...

Happy name day!! I absolutely love that blouse, it's beautiful.