Friday, 11 September 2009


I had a great time yesterday with my lovely friend Miss Wink.
I tend to get very nervous when I meet new people but with
her it felt like we'd been hanging out every day, so relaxed.
I love that girl and I hope we meet again, soon.

I feel terrible today.
My throat, head and neck hurts so bad and my left ear start
to act up too. Can't really speak and my skin is sore, can't
wear clothes (my man has got a smile on his face).
I'm gonna call in sick from everything today and just watch
Black Adder and drink tea all day.

Something nice arrived in the post this morning.
Another white wicker handbag.
If you've been reading my blog for a while might remember
that I bought one very similar earlier this year.
This particular one was actually my first purchase on Etsy
for only $30 including shipping!


Jema Rose said...

Vad trist att du blivit så sjuk, hoppas att du mår bättre snart..!

Jag ÄLSKAR Blackadder!!!

Jättefin väska!



Angel said...

That handbag is adorable!
Hope you feel better soon! If your throat wasnt so bad id recommend kneidls in soup.

Hexotica said...

Looks like you are starting a collection! Very cute!

Betty Lou said...

grattis till ännu ett fynd, galet fin.

usch, hoppas det inte är flunsa. krya på dig fort!

Andi B. Goode said...

I love the handbag. It's fantastic.
I hope you feel better soon!
-Andi x

Miss Wink said...

Sweetheart, I had such a wonderful time with you!

It really felt like we had met several times before and I fel so relaxed and happy in your company :)

And guess what? I managed to find a pair of really comfortable, cute Mary Jane shoes at "tjockisbutiken" after you left..

ismoyo said...

Hooray for Etsy! Love that bag!
Hope you feel better soon, us girls don't have time to get sick, right?

Lady Thirty said...

hoppas att du mår bättre snart!
tjusig väska!