Thursday, 28 April 2011


My mother in law called yesterday morning, pretty
desperate for an outing, that means lunch.
I had planned to list a whole bunch of vintage things
on Etsy and make even more hair flowers but I put
them aside.
So we went to Edgware for lunch and then we went
scouting the charity shops in Burnt Oak.

Seems like my finds came in Union Jack colors.
Totally coincidental, I'm not supporting the royal
wedding we taxpayers are paying for.
I don't get it, the royal house is extremely wealthy
so why not pay for it themselves and make sure
the tax money end up where they are most needed.

Click on the images for larger view.

1960's bikini, 99 pence.

Close up on the pattern.

1970's dress, £2.99, the scarf was included.

Close up on the pattern.

I spent the evening swapping seasons in my closet and
I realised I have way too many garments.
I want to have a yard sale so if you live in Herts, Beds
or London and wear a size 8-12 in clothes or size 3-4 in
shoes you're more than welcome to come over. :))
I can't be bothered with a boot sale. :P


e.brooke said...

Just stumbled happily upon your blog! I love it so much! And I think you are beautiful!

La Dama said...

I love how everyone is rockin the union jack flag, reminds me of Mexican holidays.
cute dress, love the print.
I would take some dresses of yu but I'm a big Mama compared to you.
you are super gorgeous, I love your bright blue eyes.