Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Still haven't steamed my recent clothes finds but I hope
the finds from Sunday's flea market will do for now...

Tray, 25 pence.
We got way too many trays, glasses, mirrors and lamps but
that doesn't seem to stop us... *sigh*

Wall hanger, 50 pence.
Always useful and I love the Magnolia print!

Vanity case, £5.
Another thing I got plenty of but I do not have one in mock croc.

Vanity case, £3.
I plan to store my insane bangle collection in this one.

Clutch and coin purse, 50 pence for the set.
Not that I need more black clutches but I'm sure it will be useful
one day.

Plant/coffee/tea stand, £5.
This thing is an enigma to me, the seller said it was a tea stand
of some sort but I saw it more useful as a plant stand.

Have you ever seen this kind of thing before? Any info?

Tiny birdcage, 10 pence.
I've been wanting a little birdcage as a necklace for quite a long
time but haven't found one for a price I agree with, not until the
other day that is.
It didn't come with the link, I added that one myself.

Hair dryer, £1.
I don't know how many 1950's/1960's hair dryers I got by now
but I'm sure it's quite a few.

How can I not when it's only £1 and with it's original box?!


La Dama said...

As always fabulous scores!
I been looking for a red vanity case.
tea stand is amazing,never seen one like it. cute birdcage necklace.
yes, you could never have too many kitsch trays.
I haven't been finding shit anywhere.

Zizzi said...

Min mamma hade en likadan hårfön när jag var liten. Fast hon hade en orange. Den blåa var finare!

Burprags and Bustiers said...

Oh I am SO jealous of the birdcage necklace! How sweet!

For The Love of Betty said...

what i wouldn't do for that vanity case i never see them in black! <3