Sunday, 11 March 2012


Nice and sunny today, 19 oC to be exact.
It's been a quite peaceful weekend, which I very
much needed.
I had a bad panic attack at work on Friday (but
scored some neat vintage at the antique market
so it even itself out) and so my man ordered me
to stay home yesterday, so I did some laundry,
vacuumed the house, made some jewellery and
in the evening we went to a jazz gig with our new
Canadian friends, I actually had a great time for
once (I haven't been out for 3 months!).
This morning we woke up early so we went to the
Sunday flea market where I got some cool stuff,
had Indian for lunch and spent the rest of the day
in the backyard working on some projects, started
to revamp a few things and made some jewellery,
my man had a nap on the sun lounger.

I've started to focus less on work and more on life,
today I noticed that my roses, garlic and parsley is
growing like crazy, that I want a very retro hallway
and the joy of knowing that it's past 8 PM and our
bedroom window is still open, now it's a good time
to be alive.

1 comment:

La Dama said...

You sound like you are feeling better amor.
I haven't really been much ,but I like my depressions. I am a big hermit.