Friday, 23 March 2012


Yesterday my man had a day off so we took a trip down
to the seaside, Hayling Island, to pick up a 1950’s glass
cabinet I won on eBay last week.

£18, eBay.

Afterwards we went to Chichester where I got two really
amazing dresses, one from the One Legged Jockey.
It was very sunny and warm and it was nice to get out of
the house and get some quality time together.
We also did something we haven’t done the 5 years and
three months we been together, we went to McDonalds!

I don't really blog about vintage shops because most of
them don't want you to take pics, so what's the point?
One Legged Jockey in Chichester however really must
and deserve to be blogged about!
I've been to a lot of vintage shops all over Europe and
Scandinavia but no one made an impression quite like
this one. Amazing stock and really awesome staff and
they played some really good music too! :)
If you're ever down that way I promise they are well
worth a visit.

You find One Legged Jockey at 9 Crane Street,
Chichester PO19 1LJ


Mrs. Diva Akira said...

What a lovely cabinet! And I would love to check out that store! :D

Vintage Coconut said...

Sweet pic of you and your man.
That cabinet is so lovely, what a GREAT buy!
Omg that store looks amazing, we don't have anything like that here.

La Dama said...

What a great store!
gorgeous cabinet amor.
You look adorable, love your Ariel mermaid loca wigs.