Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hi there all my lovely readers!
I got good news! My mind is now set to craft, big time!
I'm most inspired and I've done a lot this week and it's
only Thursday.
Here's a revamp I did on Tuesday evening.
I found these 1960's stools at the antique market a few
weeks ago for only £1.50 each!
They sure were in a need of a revamp, I don't care that
the wood looks a bit iffy, that only brings character, but
the vinyl seats just had to go!
I don't like vinyl (it's not good for the lady parts if you sit
on vinyl for too long) so I removed the covers completely.

Last week at the antique market I found a pair of 1960's
curtains that were slightly sun bleached on one side and
the lady who got the stall likes me so I got them for free.
The color looked amazing after a wash and I knew they'd
be perfect for the stool seats. The wood and the blue were
like made for each other.
It doesn't look mega super perfect but I think it's my first
reupholstering so cut me some slack. :))

Oh, this is a bonus, the taller stool has got a compartment
unter the seat, which is very handy.


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oohhh... they look fantastic!

Salsa Von Leopard said...

Great job! They look ace :)

vintage_kitten said...

those stools look great.Love that blue.I found a sewing/stool at an antique shop I wanted for all my stuff and now can't remember what job.xx

Mrs. Diva Akira said...

They look really lovely! :)

Kitten said...

Nice work! Glad to hear you're feeling inspired again too. :)