Monday, 21 May 2012


It's been a while since I bought new nail polish but today, as
we were picking up essentials for out vacation I found these.
The make is Collection 2000 and they were £1.79 each at my
local Boots.
I hope that yellow is THE yellow I've wanted for years.

While waiting for my turn at the beauty salon to get into the
tanning booth I went into my favorite charity shop and that's
where I found these two carved bangles for £1.20 each!
I know they are old because they are marked Foreign on the
inside, a sure sign that they are not a modern repro.

My next post will be no. 900!!!
It will also be the last post before I go on vacation.
I got something cool up my sleeve that I think many of you,
my dear readers, might like!


La Dama said...

Very pretty colors, love the name of the polishes.
Most of Collection 2000 make up is affordable and great quality.
Oooo a give away?

Little Rascal said...

Yeah, they used to be a real shit brand back in the 90's but since 2005 they actually got better.

Nope, no giveaway, you're already seen what I'm gonna post but not all my readers are my FB friends.

Vintage Coconut said...

Those bangles are beautiful!

Bitty Boss said...

Your posts are fucking awesome! Please do not cancel your blog. You have an honest, amazing insight into the vintage mkt. Keep doin what cha doin!