Tuesday, 22 May 2012


So this is post no. 900! :D

For you WW2 enthusiasts, this might be a treat...

Last week, May 16th to be exact, me and my man brought
our friend, fellow musician and part time lodger, Dave with
us to the RAF museum in Hendon, London, to go see The
Jive Aces perform for all the veterans, it was Veterans Day.
We had a really good time and I just love walking around,
looking at the air crafts. It's an incredible experience, you'll
feel SO small.
If you're ever in London, make sure you take a trip to the
RAF museum, you will enjoy it, trust me!

This is just a handful of photos, if you want to see the rest,
then check out my RAF album on Facebook.

Me and my man.

Dave Phillips and my man looking handsome.

Aluminum airplane, model size.

I couldn't find what kind of craft this was, unfortunately.

The Jive Aces.

BoeingB17 Flying Fortress

Bristol Beaufighter TFX

Bristol F2B Fighter

Curtiss Kittyhawk III , MY absolute favorite, I even got one
tattooed on my right sleeve. :D

Curtiss Kittyhawk III

De Havilland DH9A

De Havilland DH9A

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La Dama said...

What an awesome place!
loved your outfit, close up please?
eyeing those sombrero earrings!