Sunday, 20 May 2012


Hi there!
As you might have read before, my man always buy too
much fruit and veg, well, it's only too much if you waste it
and I hate wasting food.
As we're going to Spain soon we need to clear the fridge
and yesterday I used a lot of the tomatoes and a few red
peppers that was in there.
I got a light flu at the moment so this soup is just perfect to
scare germs away. I used TONS of garlic and chilli, I might
stink for a week. LOL!
I love Penne Arrabiata, I'm very good at making it and I do
so almost a bit too often but then I use tinned tomatoes.
This is an Arrabiata style soup, only thing that differs from
the real deal is the red peppers.

This is a really nice vegan dish if you don't add the Penne.

Here's what I used: 
Red peppersTomatoes
Fresh basil
Red chillies
Olive oil
Cracked black pepper
Tomato paste

Sorry, I don't use measurements, you make this to your 
own personal taste. Be brave! :) 

Here's an idea, I always keep a jar of already peeled
garlic in the fridge, that saves a bit of time, I also keep
finely chopped red chillies in a jar of oil.
(I let the food processor do the chopping.)

Some of the ingredients.

1. Heat the oil and add garlic, red chillies and black pepper.
Fry gently for a little while, you don't want them to get brown.

2. Add the peppers first, let them get soft.
They need longer to cook because they are firmer than
tomatoes, of course.

3. Add fresh basil.

4. Add the tomatoes.
You won't need any liquid because the tomatoes are so
juicy it won't be necessary.

5. Let it simmer for a while until everything is soft and full
of flavor. Add salt and tomato paste, let cook some more.

6. When you're happy with the taste, put the mix in a food
processor or blender, make it smooth.

7. You don't need to add any pasta, the soup is awesome
as it is, I used Penne had some in the fridge from the other
day and since I'm ill and can't swallow that well I cut the
Penne in half, it look kind of cute.
I used a tiny bit of the soup as liquid to heat them up in the

8 Serve while it's hot and enjoy!


Kitten said...

Looks yummy, I might try that some day... :)

La Dama said...

Mmmm the spicier the better.
chiles are good for colds/flus.