Thursday, 17 May 2012


Here's another necklace I've made for myself to wear
at the Screamin' (rockabilly) Festival in Spain.

I made it early Saturday morning at the Hemsby rock
n' roll weekender. I'm clever that way, I always bring
a box of craft so I have something to do while others
are asleep.
I will blog about the Hemsby weekender tomorrow.

I purchased the plastic bananas, along with a whole
bunch of other small vintage plastic fruit from the very
lovely Amanda at Little Vintage Violet on Etsy.
(Excellent service! Check out her shop, she got tons
of cute stuff for really good prices!)

Still don't know if I should add any green leaves or go
for just bananas...

Picture borrowed from Vintage Stylez.

I purchased a dress just like this one back in 2007 and
I never really worn it and it hit me earlier that this dress
is just perfect together with both my banana and cherry
necklaces! This is on the list of things to pack. :)


La Dama said...

Is there no end to your creativity amor?
I love fruit necklaces, now you need a banana/fruit playsuit to go with this magnifico necklace.

Mim said...

Can you make removeable leaves so you can have it both ways?