Thursday, 2 October 2008


Yesterday morning my man woke me up, we went for a
walk and then he told me to get dressed because he had
arranged for me to get an 1 hour massage!
After I got back from the massage I made herbal tea and
took a nap, my man woke me up for lunch, broccoli soup
with tons of garlic, fresh fruit and berries for dessert.

I also got a package from my dad and stepmother.
It was a delayed present for my name day.

I've been wanting and looking for one of those old anchor
shaped thermometers for a while and I told my dad about
them and he managed to find one!
It will be SO prefect on the wall behind our boat bar.

In the package I also found anchor-pins/badges to put on
a jacket.

Today we went to the cemetery say the Kaddish prayer for
my mans maternal grandparents, (You usually read Kaddish
for the dead between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur)
and then we went for lunch at an Indian restaurant.

I felt rater good about myself today.
I was wearing a dark red woolen pencil skirt, a beautiful
black jacket from the 1940's and black 1940's pumps, a dark
red beret, my red snake skin purse and a leopard collar
that I made myself last year.
(I will put some up on Tradera shortly.)
And a classic make up, of course.


Kitten said...

That outfit sounds pretty nice...any chance we could see some more of your daily outfits? I'm kinda curious ;)

Betty Lou said...

åh låter som en underbar dag. gillar din nya banner! classy! själv är man inte särskilt bra på sånt där

Mrs Munster said...

I love those anchor thermometers. I'm sure my parents have got one back in Finland. I may have to get it for myself...

Zizzi said...

Vad skönt att bli lite bortskämd av sin karl! Det låter som att du behövde det! Tycker också om din nya banner!
KRam cissi

Little Rascal said...

Kitten: I'm a bit camera-shy at the moment, he he he, nah, I'm just lazy, I might start taking photos of my outfits in the near future.

Betty Lou: Thanks doll.
The faces is actually from an 1930's-1940's hat bag from Jerusalem, the hat shop was called Kleins.
I got the bag from an old lady, she thought it was so neat that I'm Jewish and into the old era.
On one side of the bag it's in English and the oter side in Hebrew, I cut the bag in half and framed them and now they are hanging on our bedroom wall over the bed.

Mrs Munster: Yeah, they are really neat. Why don't you ask your parents to ship it over?

Zizzi: I'm always getting spoiled rotten by my man with both love and gifts. :) Maybe I should start writing more about it but on the other hand I don't wanna rub anyones nose in it.
We'll see.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

And I bet you looked smashing!

...sounds like the perfect day. And lucky you to have such a sweet husband. You deserve to be a little spoiled of course :)