Friday, 7 August 2009



Sorry for the delay.
I have a friend from Sweden over this week and yesterday
we went into central London for a girlie day, which I really
needed, we came back so late that I just didn't have the
strength to put the computer on.

I do have a consolation prize for three girls!
These pair of bee earrings goes to:
Jema Rose
Bettie Booh

I'm gonna have another giveaway in the very near future,
so please have another try.


Jema Rose said...

SÅ söta, jag blev jätteglad för mitt tröstpris!

: )

Jag har mailat dig!

Kram, Jenny


Toulouse said...

Oh Toulouse? Is that me? how exciting!
Glad you had a tremendous girly day, I had one the other day - milkshakes and movies. you dont realise how much they are needed till you've had one <3 xo

Linnea said...

jag ska hålla utkik efter nästa give kul det låter med en girlie dag i London...jag hoppas på en liten tripp till london i vinter! drömmer redan...

SandraMarinaTherese said...

Jag ska besöka London om ett par veckor. Och skulle tycka det vore jättekul om du gjorden en egen guide till de bästa vintage marknaderna!

Zizzi said...

Grattis till alla vinnarna!
Underbart med tröstpris! Hoppas du hade en underbar helg!
Kram cissi