Tuesday, 11 August 2009


It's been one busy week, therefor lack of posts.
My best friend Sandra, that I've known since I was 16,
came over for a week to see how I live, shop and have a
good time.
Here's a list of what we did.

Tuesday: Picked her up at Stansted airport.

Wednesday: Sat on the patio the entire day, doing our
nails and drank too many cocktails.
Went to Ace Cafe in the evening where we modeled for
an upcoming book about rockabilly's.

Thursday: A whole day of shopping in central London.
I was stopped outside Topshop by a headhunter from a
model agency who really loved my style and curves and
wanted me to send some professional pictures.

Friday: Went to a Slim Slip and the Sliders gig, we were
on the guest-list as usual. Greg, the singer, seems to really
fancy her, I hope he fancy her so much that he ask her to
move over here, that would be so swell.

Saturday: Went to a car boot sale, got tons of cool stuff.
Had a BBQ in the back garden and a long walk.

Sunday: Went to another car boot sale and afterwards we
had a really nice pasta dinner on the patio and another long
walk, found a really cool house.

Monday: Walked around town, did some shopping.
Made a very nice Tai dinner and Greg from Slim Slip came
over in the evening to get to know my girl a bit better.

Tuesday: Relaxed and enjoyed the scenery in Benington
Village. Had another BBQ in the back garden.
Drowe her to Stansted airport.

Being sassy in a red 1940's truck at Ace Cafe.

Dorks color coordinate for a night with Slim Slip.


Zizzi said...

Underbart kul ni verkar ha! Sorgligt att ta farväl, fast man vet att man kommer att ses igen.

Bettie Booh said...

Sounds like a busy week. =)

punk in writing said...

Sweet. :)
Jag var också i London i helgen.

Sandy De Luxe said...

Åh, ni verkar ha haft en fin vecka! Trist att ha sina vønner långt bort men så kønns det ofta som det blir..

Jema Rose said...

Vilken rolig vecka ni haft, förstår att du inte ville att hon skulle åka hem igen..!

TACK snälla för örhängena! Jag har haft dem på hela dagen, SÅ söta..!

: )

KRAM, Jenny