Saturday, 11 June 2011


I'm back home from the Screamin' Festival in Spain.
I got really ill and lost my voice and I'm still not fully
recovered so I'm spending the entire weekend in bed,
watching movies and dosing up on vitamin c.
I had a blast tho, made new friends from all over the
world and I won a beauty competition, believe it or not.
I will post pictures shortly. I treated myself to a new
camera just before we left so I hope the quality will be
much better than the previous one.

Here's what I can show you, shoe bargains.
I picked these up in an old shoe shop, the crummy old
owner cleared his very old stock (yes, vintage) of kids
shoes for a song and lucky for me I got small feet and
here's what I snagged before everyone else managed
to get their filthy paws on them.

€3. (£2.65/$4.30/27 Kr)
These are really comfortable and goes with everything.

€2. (£1.75/$2.85/18 Kr)
Got these a little bit cheaper, like they weren't cheap enough before,
because of a tiny bit of color difference.

€3. (£2.65/$4.30/27 Kr)
My favorites. Absolutely perfect for jiving!

€3. (£2.65/$4.30/27 Kr)
Real deal Catalan espadrilles.

Salvador Dalí used to wear the same kind of espadrilles back in the day.


Perdita said...

Mr Dali there looxing foxy as anything!

Those shoes are super. Love that they were sold as spare not vintage: super. I like those two-colour ones too. Cute as.

Bitty Boss said...

I would love to nab me a pair of those! Very nice finds in Spain. I need to hit up a festival or two soon as it is the season here in California. Congrats on winning the beauty contest :-)

La Dama said...

Hope your feeling better mamas,
Thats so cool you won a beauty contest,those shoes are so cute, two tones are the best.