Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I got this dress at the same time as I got my very
yellow playsuit that I blogged about last week.
This dress is also from Primark and cost £5.
It's all well and good but those awful gold buttons
just had to go! Pronto!

Click on the images for a better view.

Here's the dress in full before the revamp.

Closer view.

Close up on those awful buttons.

And here's after the revamp.
I added big wooden buttons I got from my local
haberdasher for 20 pence each.
I think the buttons add a bit more character to the
dress and they go well with the Hawaiian look.

Close up.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

I did the exact same thing with my primark dress! Those gold buttons they use are hideous!! :)

Ginger said...

Oh my yes those wooden buttons look much better!!!

Bitty Boss said...

I love this dress! Perfect for summer. Reminds me of the beach :-)

Kitten loves vintage said...

Oh, yes, looks much better with the wooden buttons!!

Vintage Coconut said...

It's amazing how something so simple can completely change the look of an item of clothing. It looks great revamped!