Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Vamos a tener una fiesta!

This is my latest eBay purchase and this time I splurged,
£16, it's not often I spend that much on a piece of vintage
so for me it is a splurge. :P
The seller described it as 1950's, I wasn't sure at first and
I didn't really care, I just adore the print, now when I got it
I do believe it's from the 1950's because how it's made, the
feel of the fabric the zipper and so on...
It did come with more flaws than described, naughty!
Time to find a button, mend several holes and buy a Dylon
fabric pen to mask a few stains.
I'm not happy to spend £16 on an item with this amount of
flaws but I love the pattern and it's a head turner so I'll keep
it and try my best to spruce it up.

Click the images for larger version.


vintage_kitten said...

That is the coolest print I have seen in a long time.Hope you can mend it.That happened to me once.I got some high waisted pants and when I got them they super faded and the material was so warn out,I don't know what I payed but it's annoyig when people arent truthful about the items they sell.

Vintage Coconut said...

It really is a lovely skirt! If you can fix most of the flaws with it, I still think it will be worth the money you paid. It is very unique!