Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Got very bad news, again, this time about the tragic
death of Rob from the Swedish rockabilly band The
Go Getters.
My man is crying, totally devastated, they played
together on stage just a few days ago.
We decided that we needed to get out of the house
and do something, to get a bit of distraction from all
the sadness.
So we went to Fleetville Vintage Emporium, as you
might remember is our favorite vintage spot.
As soon as we stepped in one of the lovely members
of the staff asked us if our house is filled with all the
right stuff and that we were looking lovely. Wow! :D
Today I only got one thing, but it's a very good thing,
something that's gonna be so incredible useful for me,
a vintage rotating display stand.
This is perfect both for jewelry and fascinator hats.
Since my man was waaaay too hungover to buy me
something in Germany he offered to pay for the stand,
fine by me, he got it for the neat sum of £7.50.
I love visiting Fleetville because there's hundreds of
lovely vintage treasures I would buy if my wallet was
fatter and the house was bigger.
It's not at all expensive (no London pisstake prices)
so don't get me wrong, I'm just saving up for our trip
to Sweden later this summer.

Since it's summer and romance is in the air FVE decided
to have a vintage wedding fair!
The wedding fair is taking place at The Fleetville Vintage
Emporium, 221A Hatfield Rd, St. Albans on Saturday 2nd
July between 12-4 PM. Free entry!
Sounds interesting? For more info, click here!

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Dolly Cool Clare said...

Aw thats really sad news, he was a talented guy. Condolences to Mark for the loss of his friend ♥