Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Got a message this morning from a good friend of mine.
She's telling me that another rockin' shop has stolen my
idea and actual creation, an idea I took a bit of pride in -
my bamboo earrings.
I wouldn't mind if it was my hair flowers that were the
thing they've copied, so many rockin' gals making hair
flowers and there's hard to keep up on who made what,
but when it comes to jewelry I do mind because I must
say I'm VERY careful not to copy what my friends and
fellow rockin' crafters have created.
Some of my fiends have had their creations copied, well,
I really should say ripped off, by others and they've been
heartbroken about it and now I know how they feel.
Not cool!

For the record, I made mine in July last year.
And I'm talking about the rockin' scene over here, not
world wide.


Krissy said...

no offense at all, but i bought i pair just like that in 2005 in san francisco.

Little Rascal said...

None taken. Sorry Krissy, I guess I didn't make myself very clear. I was talking about the rockin' scene/ rockin' crafters here in England and how bluntly they steal ideas from each other.
If they were from Norway or Uganda it wouldn't have been an issue, but these people are rockin' and on the English rockin' scene. My friend told me they were visiting my stall at a rockabilly event and ripped my idea off from that moment. I don't think that's cool.