Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Here's some of my recent bargains that I felt was worth 
blogging about! Just click the pics for a better view.

Bambi vase, £1. From a local charity shop.
This little fella has got a broken tail but I love him just the same.
Wouldn't you?

Vintage bikini, £3. From a local charity shop.
I'm always on a hunt for vintage swimwear! This one is 1960's.

Very retro bread baskets, 99 pence each. From QD.
The thing we need the least is bread baskets but they were too cool!

Vintage bag, £3. From a charity shop in Edgware.
I almost missed this one! Luckily I'm good at rummaging and found
this one in the bottom of a big basket.

Cute well loved kitty, 50 pence. From a local car boot sale.
This kitty is for the future nursery. I asked the seller lady what period the 
kitty was from and she told me that she was handmade for her daughter 
back in the 1960's.

Another awesome skirt, £5. Primark.
I rarely buy new stuff but I do like skirts like this and it was on sale so 
I couldn't refuse.

Vintage mini tripod with case, free.
It was free because it was a gift from my father in law. :)


Mama D said...

Been following your blog for many years and you've been bying stuff for future little Rascals for a while - so when are the little Rascals coming? Lovely finds though. The bread baskets especially.

Little Rascal said...

Mama D: Thanks for sticking by me. :)
Good question, we have plans to start trying this fall so hopefully pretty soon. :) said...

I love that purse!!! I'm slightly jealous...

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Fantastic scores! I want it all.

Vintage Coconut said...

Bambi vase (Adorable)
Blue polka dot bikini (Fricken cute)
Baskets (Always handy)
Yellow and white vintage bag (I really like that one, it's a bit liek the pink and black one I found recently.)
Kitty cat for nursery (*awww* it's so sweet. I also found a nursery kitty cat that apparently looks demented.) *hahaha*
I love the looks of that skirt!!
The tripod and case is really cool.

P.s. I saw you and your man are gonna start trying in the fall.
Same with me and my man!!!!
Maybe we will end up having blog babies very close in age after all ;)

"I am sure we both have enough vintage baby stuff by now" *heheh*
I just can't stop buying it.