Friday, 15 June 2012


Hi there!
I managed to fiddle with the pictures from Spain yesterday
so I thought I'd post about our day trip to Tossa de Mar.
We go to Tossa every year (except last year because of the
bad weather) and we really enjoy it, to bad that there's a lot
of tourists, if there wasn't it would be heaven.

If you want to see more pictures just click here to get to my
album on Facebook.

And as always, click on the pictures for a better view.

Kitschy postcards.

So cute.

Very rustic.

Spotty leaves.

My man on the little secluded beach.

I got a thing for windows...

Cool plant! I'm still kicking myself for not getting a little stem
to plant at home.

The castle seen from the big beach.

Beautiful Hibiscus flower.

The castle.

Cannons near the top of the castle.

Our favorite spot neat the top.
There's a bench there where we always sit and look at the
ocean and relax. This time my man had a nap while I was
reading a book.

Trying to be artsy here... ;)

Me and my man.


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...


Tasha said...

What a fabulous place to take a vacation!!

Solveig said...

Ahh, that looks heavenly, especially when sitting here looking at the rain pouring down outside.

Mim said...

Lovely! Didn't Ava Gardner spend time there?

Ange said...

Oh now that takes me back! We used to drive down that way every summer when I was a kidand I remember Tossa and Estatit- they are just beautiful parts of Spain.
Lovely photos- so pleased you had a great hol! xXx

Sam Wills said...

My partner and I have booked a holiday here for the 10th September.. It looks stunning x I do hope the weather will be nice?

Sam :)