Monday, 18 June 2012


After not being able to scout charity shops for 3 weeks
while we were in Spain I finally got to rummage in one
of my favorite charity shops in town.

Found two bangles I already have (and really like) so I
just couldn’t resist buying them.
I also can’t resist buying small vintage trays and stuff that
is marked Made in Denmark, like the salad servers with
teak handles.

My urge for bargains has now been settled.
At least for a day or two…

Bangles, 50 pence each.

1960's Danish salad servers, £1.

Made in Denmark.

Vintage tray, 50 pence.


Solveig said...

You always find the best of stuff! Love the salad servers.

Perdita said...

Love the tray and servers- that style is both retro and timeless.

La Dama said...

love the tray and Danish salad servers!
also in love with bangles.
You have the gift for spotting gorgeous junk.